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Hi folks! I'm Nat, from Brazil and I'm a huge TWS fan . As a newbie I fear all of you..hahahaha *lol*. But yeh, I made a few icons to tws_icons and I decided to share them with all of you. Hope you like them. Please, please, please make comments! I'll be so happy to see you guys using my Icons! I have a few more I did some weeks ago and you can take them here</br> Cya around !!!! Take care, Candy Cane Children! </br> ××× Nat</br> 1. The White Stripes </br> 2. I Think They Love Each Other </br> 3. I saw you staing in the courner... </br> 4. I love Jack White Like A Little Brother </br> 5. You&apos;re looking down again, then you look me over.... </br> 6. A Seven Nation Army Couldnt Hold Me Back! </br> 7. I Know That You Feel It Too... </br> 8. They rock ! </br>
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